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Lararv International Inc. is a globally leading software provider for Logistics, Freight Forwarding & Supply Chain Industry. The company was established on November 24th, 2016. We have offices in Toronto, U.A.E. & Bangladesh.

We have our own proprietary web-based, real-time, totally integrated, trucking software with inbuilt dispatch and accounting functionality suitable for Freight Haulers, Oilfield Trucking and Dump Truck operators. 

Our Software is the ONLY trucking company software that is totally integrated in real-time; meaning that information entered anywhere in the system automatically and instantly updates your dispatch, billing, driver pay, fuel management, fleet maintenance and accounting with a single entry.

We have continuously focused on developing innovative & superior technology products for the industry. We have successfully simplified the operations of our customers & helped them overcome their challenges with robust information technology solutions. Our flagship product Lar-Sys is an End-to-End Cloud ERP Software for Logistics & Freight Forwarding Industry.


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"Excellent customer service that is quick to respond and assist if needed. Friendly team of software developers and implementation specialist. Simple roll out and easy to use from day one."


John Bennett